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$10 Million Venture Fund

This is not a venture fund for all startups. Although we unequivocally love and believe in you, this might not be the right vehicle for you. We aim to create transparency in our selection and vetting process so you can make a more informed decision from the very beginning. 

There are MANY different types of capital that are suited in different companies in different sectors or life stages. Please review this PDF to get a general sense of what type of capital might be best for your company! This is by no means a complete guide but can help you get familiar with terms like dilutive and non-dilutive capital, where you can look for funds, and what might best for your company's life stage. 

As a founder, we know your time is precious. Please read through the eligibility criteria below to ensure you are a good fit for this particular venture fund before applying. To apply to our pipeline, fill out the form specific for start-up founders seeking funding.

Eligibility Criteria for Startups:

  • The company must be headquartered and operating within the United States

  • At least one original Black founder must be present on the team

  • All Black founders combined must have equal or majority equity among founders

  • Pitch deck must articulate a highly scalable business model

  • Founders must demonstrate capital efficiency within operations

  • Team must have either prior startup or domain expertise

  • The company must be able to demonstrate traction. This would ideally come in the form of being in-market with recurring monthly revenue

  • A venture that is raising a Seed or Series A round of financing

  • An investment vehicle that reflects a priced round or a note with a valuation cap

If you are a startup and are seeking funding, please fill out the startup questionnaire.