Dear Black Entrepreneurs,

We live in a world of misinformation and miseducation. We often walk our path in life thinking and believing things that aren’t true. Seeing the world through a lens that has been imposed on us by society, our community and sometimes even our families. Trying to truly thrive in this world is like walking a tightrope. Balancing our safety and survival can be all-consuming and exhausting. Which begs me to ask. What about our dreams?

When you envision the future, what do you see? How does the world function? Who are the leaders? Has the narrative changed? Do you see yourself represented? Do you see yourself having a meaningful part? Are you reshaping, reformatting and revising? As a people, have we moved beyond safety and survival? Are you thriving?

My dream is that we are all thriving. That our uniquely lived experience is not dismissed, not demeaned, but embraced and championed. Black Founders Matter was created to champion Black innovators. We know that you see the world in such a profound way. We know that you have insightful and game-changing solutions. We know you have the grit, tenacity and will to rise to the occasion. You always have.

You are enough. We see your brilliance. We are banking on it! We love you. Even if we have never met. Even if we’re not the right investors for you. We are emboldened by your presence. We believe that every Black soul should be able to create without limits. We are doing everything in our power to bring resources to you. Because Your Dreams Matter. 

As Black creators, we have always been integral to the fabric of society. We have had our inventions, ideas, work product and property stolen. We are told that we are not enough; that we are too risky, that we won’t succeed. None of that is true.

You are beautifully resilient and resourceful. You are wildly creative and intelligent. You are beacons of light. You are needed. Our people have historically done the most while being given the least. You are not an exception. You are the rule. Black is exceptional. Black is excellent.

Please keep creating. Please keep iterating. Please keep doing your very best.

Know that it's okay to pivot. Know that it's ok to start over. If you’re reading this love letter, you should know that before creating this fund, I had to let go of a startup that I was deeply passionate about to make this happen. Know that your very best is ahead of you. You will realize it. We will realize it together. There is so much work ahead for all of us. Remember that your contributions are mandatory to create the future we all want. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, not even your own inner doubts. Entrepreneurship is for those bold enough to believe in their own magic. 

Finally, we can’t wait to connect with you. We know what you’re facing. The world has done its best to hide our potential from us. Our hope is that reading this will strengthen your resolve to succeed. Not just to beat the odds, but to change the odds altogether. We envision a world where black success and prosperity are commonplace. Your diligence is making this come true. And for that, we say thank you and encourage you to keep pushing. We are just one resource. More are coming. Continue showing up for yourselves and for our community. Black Founders Matter now and forever.

Love & Grace
Marceau Michel