The Founders


A Kids Book About
Jelani Memory

Jelani Memory founded A Kids Book About in 2019 in Portland, Oregon to help parents talk to their children about hard-to-discuss topics like racism and personal identity. This came out of his need to speak with his own children in a blended family about racism. A Kids Book About has expanded into a full media company with the recent launch of A Kids Podcast About.


Dexter Turner

OpConnect is creating a smarter, cleaner, and greener future with their electric vehicle charging stations. OpConnect provides turnkey electric vehicle fueling solutions throughout North America that consist of fueling infrastructure, a cloud-based software platform that provides payment processing, scheduling, and maintenance ticketing for the fueling infrastructure, and support services for persons using the fueling infrastructure. They also license an EV fueling management software platform, including web portals and mobile apps for drivers to find and use charging stations, to fueling solution providers throughout the world so they can easily stand up their own charging networks for their local drivers.

Jim Gibbs2.png

Meter Feeder
Jim Gibbs

Meter Feed was founded by Jim Gibbs in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Meter Feeder enables traditional and autonomous vehicles to pay for parking with no human interaction, so cities can make money, and fleets can remain compliant. Cities have been losing billions of dollars trying to price the curb for shared vehicles. Meter Feeder is the solution to that.


Stephen & Sam Ajayi

Year One was founded by brothers Stephen Ajayi and Sam Ajayi in Portland, Oregon. After going through coding schools themselves, they realized the untapped potential of underrepresented engineers. Many companies and corporations want to hire diverse engineers but lack the network to facilitate that process. Year One has created an automated platform that connects with coding schools across the country to source underrepresented engineers and put them through a series of quantitative and soft-skills testing to provide corporations with high-quality diverse engineers.


Rodney Williams & Eric Allen

LISNR enables contactless authentication. LISNR's ultrasonic data-over-sound technology enables proximity verification & contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers, and mobility companies. Since its inception, LISNR has worked with Fortune 100 companies across millions of devices and use cases. With the most advanced ultrasonic (Data-Over-Sound) platform, LISNR has significant differentiators in the areas of sound, control, range, efficiency, and cost. They are trusted by customers who are brand leaders in the FinTech space including Visa, MasterCard, Intel, Synchrony, and SAP.

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