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Are you an innovative problem solver?
Do you have a product that will change the way we live?
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What We Do

What is your investment thesis?

Black Founders Matter is a $10-million seed-stage investment fund. We invest in Black Founders who lead ventures that are registered and headquartered in the United States.

We are an industry-agonistic fund which means we look at companies across many different industries. We have intentionally built industry-specific screening into our evaluation screening process so that we actually do invest across various verticals. Our investments so far represent five unique and differentiated verticals for maximum diversification and impact.

We are an impactful fund, not an impact fund. We are a returns-focused fund that seeks super scalable ventures led by brilliant Black entrepreneurs. Our fund and our investors are impactful because we use capital to create more diverse and innovative unicorns. We also fundamentally change the face of entrepreneurship and help more diverse families and communities thrive post-acquisition.

How We Do It

We typically write between $50k-$150k checks into companies between the Series Seed and Series A life-stage.

We reserve half of the fund for follow-on funding. This means we reinvest in companies after the initial check. While capital is a necessary foundation, we believe it’s just the first step.

Beyond capital, our fund strategy is to partner with industry-specific lead firms in the Series Seed to Series C stage. Having extensive experience in this field, we know that industry-specific resources help our portfolio companies scale with efficiency and effectiveness. We develop partnerships with these firms as co-investors and subsequent leads to ensure that our companies are not only well capitalized but also resourced to scale and be acquired.

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