When I purchase merchandise from this campaign, am I investing in startup companies run by black founders?

No. When you purchase merchandise via our Shopify store, you are NOT investing in our startups, and you will NOT be compensated in shares or a stake in our companies. You are strictly purchasing limited edition merchandise with our campaign logos, whose designs are donated by globally recognized artists and designers. Your purchase will be counted as revenue in the typical payment for goods model.


How does this help black founders?

Black founders need cash flow to pay for early stage startup expenses, including business services, accounting, legal, growth, and more while they figure out product / market fit. Many black founders like us don't have the luxury of waiting for the product / market fit to jump start our revenue. 

Our goal is to sell $500,000 in merchandise over the course of this campaign. Your purchase helps black founders by raising awareness around direct action and funding for black founders (especially if you sport your swag in public, and even better, take a picture of yourself wearing it and posting it on social media). Your purchase also helps early stage founders like Marceau with cash flow that they can use to grow their startups. Our long-term mission is to launch a fund that distributes funds to black founders, but we don't know what that looks like yet.